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Poems are freaking hard to write. At least they are for me. They get put on the backburner, behind everything else that’s easier to write and that has a better pay off (at least financially). That’s why I love doing five-minute poems over at Chapter 37 — it opens the creative gates without giving me time to get too caught up in whether the poem is “good” or not. I also love that it seems to inspire readers to do the same, even those readers who haven’t written poetry in years and years.

So, this month for national poetry month (April, for those who don’t know), I’m going to take the poem-a-day pledge. Yep, I’m going to write a poem a day and post it here. Eeks. Scary. In all kinds of ways. First, I’m a good “starter” and a good “finisher” but I tend to lag halfway through things. By day fifteen, I’ll likely be down to sex limericks and by day twenty-two, I’ll be writing one-word poems. Second, it’s scary to write a baby poem and then ship it off into the world without so much as a nappy to comfort it. Baby poems are so raw, and that makes them beautiful in their own way, but they’re also full of flaws and squished up lines and too many toes, and there’s something that’s incredibly scary about sharing them in that early stage.

But I’m going to do it anyway. However, I have my own rule: poems must take no more than fifteen minutes. This is because a. it cuts down the omg it sucks factor because I can tell myself, “Hey, I wrote it in fifteen minutes. Whatever” and b. it means I’m more likely to get it done every day, since it won’t take many many hours of my time and it won’t cut into my other writing.

So there. That’s my poetry pledge for April. Care to join me? You know you want to.

Read Write Poem is the official poem-a-day place to visit.

Sage Cohen has a special challenge up too, for all you poem diehards.

Here’s my pledge that I will write a brand spanking new poem every day for the month of April. ‘Cause, yeah, I need something else to do. Jeez.

Kiss kiss bang bang (in quatrains), s.


PS — Cool button available on Etsy from Bean Forest.

PPS — I’m trying to find a shirt or a hat or a pin or something, anything, that says not “Reading is Sexy” (which I love, natch), but “Writing is Sexy.” Anyone seen anything like this?