Seven Sexy Sins: Call for Submissions
MindFuck Fiction is getting ready to put out its first collaborative collection of erotic books, and we want you to be part of it!
For 2010, MindFuck Fiction will produce seven e-books. Each book with include seven sexy stories that revolve around one of the seven deadly sins (or the corresponding virtue for that sin).
You know about the seven deadly sins, of course, those capital vices of greed and lust and sloth and wrath. They’re deadly, yes, but they’re sexy too. This lustful quality of all the sins is what we want to explore.

Here are the sins and virtues we’ll be covering:

Lust / Chastity
Gluttony / Temperance
Greed / Generosity
Sloth / Zeal
Wrath / Patience
Envy / Kindness
Pride / Humility

Think: The greedy girl who craves as many cocks as she can get. The glutton for punishment, who’s in search of that perfect master and that perfect moment of pain and pleasure. A lazy, slothful session of lovemaking. The perfectly modest girl who’s forced to get naked in public, exposing her lust for all to see. The jilted lover who’s come up with a way to take out her wrath in a way that’s sensual and surprising.
What we want: Quality literary stories that think outside the box, that stretch and explore these sins and their virtues, all while making us hot and horny. There are no boundaries — any sexual orientation, any time period, any additional genre (be careful with horror-type stuff though — it must be sexy and not horrific, which is a very fine line).
What we don’t want: Poorly written stories. Trite, cardboard characters. No sex with animals or underage characters.
The Fine Print:
  • Stories should be between 1500 and 6000 words.
  • Deadlines are posted for the upcoming collections below.
  • Books will be published in a variety of e-book formats, including PDFs and Kindle. They will also be available in PoD versions.
  • Selected authors will receive $5 for their story up-front, as well as a split portion of all sales. We know, this isn’t much at all up-front, but it’s coming out of our pockets and we’re taking a risk on this project, so we hope you’ll do the same! The split will be 1/8 of the sales each book (seven authors, plus the cover photographer — in this case, the talented Gina Marie — will all get equal shares).
  • As an extra bonus to readers, we ask that selected authors be willing to submit a bio, as well as a short note about the story — how it came to be, what music they were listening to while they wrote it, their own experience with the particular sin or something else that gives readers some insight into the author and the story. (We will ask for these after we accept your story — no need to send one with the original submission).
  • We only buy first rights. The story is yours to do whatever you want with after we go to press (although we do ask that you wait six months or so, just to help support the sale of these collections).
  • Stories will be edited, and you will get final approval before we go to press.
  • Send submissions to mf.fiction@gmail.com with the lust that you’re submitting to in the subject line. Attach stories as Word documents, and be sure to include your contact information!
  • Questions? Email mf.fiction@gmail.com and put Question in the subject line.
  • Please feel free to share and re-post these guidelines. We welcome beginning authors, as well as those who have some experience under their belts and collars!

Thank you for considering us! We look forward to hearing from you!

The Crew at MFFiction

Gluttony: The First Sexy Sin

“Gluttony denotes, not any desire of eating and drinking, but an inordinate desire… leaving the order of reason, wherein the good of moral virtue consists.” ~Tomas Aquinas
Oh, gluttony. How we stuff ourselves with you. How we love the press of you upon our tongues, the salt and sweet, the feeling of being stuffed to the fullest. We can’t get enough of you, gluttony, either in the kitchen or in the bedroom. You tempt us and tease us, make us waggle our tongues and our asses at you, and finally, finally, you sate us. But not for long.
For our first Seven Sexy Sins collection, we want hot stories of gluttony (or its sweet sister, temperance). Remember: Gluttony doesn’t just pertain to food. It can be an excess of anything: television, toys, porn, people, cocks…
All of the above guidelines apply. Deadline for this collection is April 25th.
We look forward to reading your work!
The Crew at MFFiction
Upcoming Sins:

Lust / Chastity            deadline May 1st
Greed / Generosity     deadline May 1st
Sloth / Zeal                 deadline June 1st
Wrath / Patience         deadline June 1st
Envy / Kindness         deadline July 1st
Pride / Humility          deadline July 1st