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Today’s post brought to you by sex, death and pretties. Also by Eden Fantasys, Chapter 38, Harry the Hitachi and Raspberry-Peach Torts.



Talk about Lady Gaga. Wow. Big: 18 Century Dildos Sold at Auction

Oh, Reading Has Never Been Sexier: Mostly Naked Men and Books

Oh, Reading Isn’t As Sexy As It Could Be: The Cover of E-Books


I never wanted to be a reference librarian until Chloe pointed me here: Death Reference Desk

The next few stops on the Vampire Train: Where The Vamps Will Go Next, from Fantasy Magazine


Poem-a-Day Looks Damn Good: Carmencita and the Virgin by Kirsty Logan

A Dying Art: This Book Belongs To…?

Good Karma My Ass: Write For Free, Why Don’t You? by Steve Almond

Speak “friend” and enter.


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