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hahaha. giggle. snort.

This week’s Sunday Pleasures brought to you by Christina Hendricks and her vaa-vaa-vooms; a 5K race this morning and the friends who invited me to go kill myself at it (“there’s a hill! with ropes!” says “good friend” AFTER I agree to go); and, as always, the sexy boys and girls at Eden Fantasys.


Poem Beat

Chemical Composition: Alchemy, by Sage Cohen

B-Movies Meet Poetry: Advice to Horror Girl Victims by Kirsty Logan

Blues Are a Color: How to Write a Poem About the Blues (and more), by Amorak Huey

Curves ala Christina. Yum.


Geek Meat

The Internet Takes Over the World: Watch it Whomp On TV

Beauty for Eyes and Ears: Mechanical Music

Giggles for Eyes and Ears: Mechanical TakeOver

5 and a half inches, boys. That’s the average. Just saying.


Meats Meat

Stop Having Sex: Is It Time to Start Being Sexual?

How Much is That Doggy On the Leash: Hellhound by Melissa Febos


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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