So today’s poem has a special formatting dohickey that I can’t seem to replicate in WordPress. It’s a form called the Cleave, in which there are essentially three poems rolled into one — two poems that read separately, and then a third if you read them together. In order to preserve the formatting, I’ve posted the Word document below. You should just be able to click it and it will open. No coughs, colds or viruses attached, I promise.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


About This Poem: I’m late. Not just with this poem, but with all the great prompts over at ReadWritePoem. A few days ago, the task was to write a poem in a very specific form called the Cleave (which, for some unknown and brain-dead reason, I keep wanting to call the caveat). I didn’t do it that day because something else caught my interest (shocker, I know), but I had an idea for it today after listening to Everybody But the Girl sing a song called, “One Place.”

About Poem-A-Day: For the month of April (National Poetry Month), I’ve signed on to write a poem-a-day (eeks!). To make it slightly easier on myself, my rules are that I have to write each poem in fifteen minutes or less, and that I have to post it here on the blog as soon as I’m done. No edits. Just rough. Raw. Right out of the gate. (Of course, if you’re playing along, I hope you’ll post a link to your poem in the comments here — mainly because I’m selfish and I want to read them!)

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