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This week’s Sunday Pleasures brought to you by one last day in the Wilds, mud-running, Goodwill shopping, the Sprockettes and, as always, the whirls and toys at Eden Fantasys.


How to Be a Famous Writer: Drink, Smoke, Get Addicted

How to Make Dinner: Fegato alla veneziana, by Arlene Ang

I love you, Alot: The Creatures of Grammar at Hyperbole and a Half.

Touch Me, Feel Me: Tactile Erotica For the Blind

Can Someone Teach Me? How To Fall Off a Wii Fit?

How to Deduct Your Pencils: Tax Write-Offs for Writers

We All Need an Editor: Axl Gets Axed

Yummy Painted Boys: Probably NSFW. But what is around here?

Yummy painted girl. Geeks rock. I’m as enamored of this artist as she is of geeks and bodies. Lovely, complex, funny stuff.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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