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I can haz shirt? Bat and Robin. Brilliant and I want to wear it!


Pen-to-Paper Pleasures

Ten Archetypes in 2000 Words, by Cherie Priest

Boo! The Scary Truth About Ghost Publishers at Amazon

You Can’t Make Friends With Salad: But You Can With Editors, by Kirsty Logan

You Did What To Your Novel? Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

A Reader’s Advice to Writers: Novel Stuffs Part 2

Yeah, what he said!


Bizarro Fiction 101: Not Weird. Just Bizzare.

Herbal or caffeinated? I Had Tea With Mary Oliver

Kill the Po-et, Kill the Po-et: More Poem Video Games


Image from last year’s Seattle Erotic Art Festival. This year’s starts next weekend, and I get to attend. Double-woot!


Pretty People Pleasures

Sex With Oompa Loompas: The Porn Industry at its Best

Seventh Grade Science Did Me Wrong: Immodest Women Cause Earthquakes

Snap Snap Snap: One View of Being Photographed


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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