What Happened This Week in the Writing World of Moi


[Erotica] Rejected: Seattle Erotic Art Fest


[Erotica] Three stories out to various anthologies

[Fantasy] One story out to music anthology

[Literary] One story out to lit magazine


[Poetry] Still a poem a day since April 1st. Read them here.

[Horror] Finished and sent story to critters

[Erotica] Edited and submitted one story

[Literary] Edited and submitted one story

Other bits and pieces — I started three erotic stories and haven’t finished any of them yet. Those are on the docket for this week.


This week, I’ll be working mostly on a bunch of erotic stories, finishing them up and tying them into a neat little proposal package for one of my favorite editors. Also, I’ll be in the second week of teaching classes (inspiration woot!), I’ll be starting a new part-time editing job (cash-flow woot!), I’ll be reading submissions for the Seven Sexy Sins anthology (inspiration woot #2) and I’ll be getting ready to unveil my brand-spanking new project (died-and-gone-to-heaven-from-excitement woot!).¬†


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


PS – –Awesome image by this artist.