Story of my (sex) life. When I used to have a (sex) life.


Why Don’t More Book Reviewers Actually Review the Books? (No, recapping the plot is NOT a review): A great review of Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned, reviewed by Kirsty Logan

I Dig This Man A Whole Lot: Stephen King Talks About Writing Short Stories & Offers Advice For Young Writers.

It almost makes me wish I had a job so I could get fires: Lawyer Sacked for Writing Online Erotic Novel

Refocusing on the Words Themselves (With a Fantastic Smile to Boot): Acclaimed novelist Lee shares meticulous writing approach in classroom

How Lucky and Fucked Up We Are: The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You, by Debbie Nathan

Such Fabulous Fiction: Why I Did The Grocery Girl

Holy Hell. Yes. Yes. Yes: Let’s Get Married for Seven Years, Then Break Up

Black and Blue and Sharp as Knives: An Interview with J.A. Pitts

Publishing Isn’t Dead: Erotica Gives It a Epinephrine Shot


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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