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Right. Geeky boys singing a la Lady Gaga about fonts. Heaven. In bold italic.


The Joys of Getting Older: I’m Going To Wear Purple AND Be Happy

Pseudonymous Sex: To Use A Pen Name or Not To Use One

Is there Porn on Your Computer? Uh, Yes, Customs Officer, There Is. Can I have it back now?

Dealing With Childhood Obesity: Taking a Wrong Turn

Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot: Cameras As the New Guns

Sadness, Of the Unspeakable Kind: If It Was My Home

Gay-Duh: Men Finally Get Over It

Orgasm, Inc. Women’s Pleasure is Big Business.


Tough Read. Go There: Sugar on the Rumpus

Inhale, Exhale, Write: Breeding and Writing

The Science of Dead Cows: A fantastic story

The Miracle of Miracle Jones: Why Women Don’t Read

Modern Maid: Christine Hamm Puts Her in the Gap

Build It A Coffin: The Death of Literary Fiction

Build Him A Coffin: A Father’s Last Request


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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