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I love it when everything comes together. Most recently, this is what that kind of process looks like:

  • For a while now, my Portland writing students have been asking if I’d do something ongoing and weekly. A critique-style class/group, if you will.
  • For a while now, I’ve been excited about the idea, but have been too damn busy to do anything about it.
  • My erotica class this past weekend rocked my socks, and brought more students who were interested in doing an on-going class.
  • My summer memoir class got canceled due to lack of students, which opened up a ton of time in my schedule.
  • I thought, “Aha, now is the time.”
  • I found, totally accidentally, a great place to hold a workshop weekly.
  • In a recent conversation, a friend said, “Get out of my brain!” (after we had the same idea about something) and I, being the ass that I am, said, “What, you don’t like skull fuckery?” and he said, “Skullduggery?” and I thought, “There it is!”

So, now I am offering an ongoing, weekly, three-hour class called “Skullduggery: verbal mis representations.” One hour of writing, two hours of teaching/critique. Mostly writers that I’ve had previously as students. It’s going to be awesome. I mean, seriously, seriously awesome. I cannot wait!

Thank you universe, thank you fantastic students, thank you good friends, thank you thank you serendipity.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.