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Oh [jesus sticker] how I love thee, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal!

The (Lesbian) Kids Are Alright? Gay Porn In the Chick-Lick Flick

A Great Unknown Place: Writer Unboxed

A Fishy Tale: Beautifully Written (thanks to Jo for the link!)

Girls With Curves: Too Hot To Trot (on NBC and FOX), Part 1

Girls With Curves: Fight Back, Part 2

Oh, Apple, You Make Me Cry: Erotica Loses Its Home

I Want My Two Dollars! Why I’m a Broke Short Story Writer (link ala Landon)

These Condoms Taste Bitter: The Baby Breaker for Grumpy Couples

And, Following That: Monogamy. The New “Religion” Without Science?

Listen to the Ocean In Your Bedroom: I WANT this house!

New Kindle: Trying to Keep Up with the E-Joneses

The Next Big Beyond Text Thing: Digital E-Books With More

Yes, Yes, Yes: What’s Next in Digital

And the One Movie I Can’t Wait to See: Inception is the Exception

Hot. Hot. Hot. Summer in Sand and More: Photos by Gina Marie

30 Days ‘Til Explosion: Why ARE we Still Menstruating?


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