Marla, the Water Witch, from my current Novel-in-Progress, on one of her rare excursions onto solid land.


Mondays used to be the day when I wrote a round-up of everything I’d accomplished (or failed at) in the week prior. However, with my schedule as of late, I’m not even sure I remember what I’ve accomplished each week, much less had a chance to write it down. So this is a catch-up post, a what’s-been-going-down post, a holy crap I’ve been kinda busy post.

What’s New?

  • MindFuck Fiction has produced its first of the Seven Deadly Sins books! Eat Me: Seven Sexy Stories of Gluttony is available online as a gorgeous, personalized PDF for just $3.95. The authors rock, the stories are delectable, and it costs you less than your morning mocha.
  • I’m still reading the submissions for the rest of the Seven Sins books. We had a TON of submissions, and the most difficult part has been making sure I don’t duplicate themes or ideas. Announcements of table of contents to come as soon as I contact all the authors.
  • I’ve had a shitton of rejections, mostly poems.
  • I’ve had a smattering of acceptances, mostly erotica. Also some poems for Alice Magazine, a sci-fi piece for The Little Death of Crossed Genres, and fantasy piece for Circlet Press.
  • I’ve written a bunch of stories.
  • Someone asked me if I’d turn one of my stories into a novel. I’m doing that now (see Marla image above).
  • I started a new, in-person, drop-in class called Skullduggery. I ❤ my talented students, big time.
  • On a non-writing note, I’ve gotten an apartment, a dog, a bird and a naughty bonsai tree (pictures to come). I’ve also forgotten and remembered more than I knew.

I promise to be better about clocking my experiences and accomplishes this month. Promise, promise. Expect a return to Saturday Submissions, Sunday Pleasures, and Monday’s Week’s Worth. Also look for snippets of the novel, and bits and pieces of whatever else I’m working on.

August is going to be a productive, fantastic month. I can feel it.

Now, tell me: What do you have planned?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.