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They’re real. The good news? They not only help decrease overpopulation and disease, they donate money toward the environmental cause. More “issue sex” for all!


Your Mind, Your Body

Honey, the only way you’re gonna’ be tight with jesus is if one of you doesn’t use enough lube. Invest in the big bottle — I heard our friend JC was well-hung. (Yeah, I went there).


You Already Knew This, Didn’t You? Cancer cells love high fructose corn syrup.

Topic of Cancer. One of the Best Pieces of Cancer Diagnosis Stuff I’ve Ever Read (link snarked from Jay Lake, if I remember).

Fanning the Flames. Go, go erotica!


Mind and Technology

This video will likely only make you laugh if you ever played Oregon Trail.

This one too. Jes sayin.


I heart Geekologie. Lots. Let’s Throw a Brick In a Washing Machine. Kaboom.

It’s Like Frogger. Only Not.

The Psychology of Choice and Stringing People Along. Via Dragon Age.

Can Blondes Be Bad? Oh, hell yes.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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