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New photo of Charlie, the garden spider who has taken residence in the kitchen. Taken with new-to-me camera, courtesy of an amazing man who is one of my current mentors. I want to be like him when I grow up! Thank you, L.


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about when I sat down and started this post. I only knew that I wanted to use the above picture, because I just took it, and I’m so excited about it and about the fact that you can see the spider’s leg hairs if you look close enough and how beautiful her (I don’t know why, but garden spiders are always hers in my mind) web is.

But as soon as I opened the new post, the word Webbery came to mind. And I realized that I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my presence on the web. I have a blog here, a bunch of blogs elsewhere. I have a Facebook and a Twitter. I have a FourSquare (which I always forget to use). I have a million other places that I also hardly use: IMs and linking networks and sub groups and, jesus, but it’s a little insane. Facebook makes me crazy with its policies and its desire to own everything about me, but I love the people and the way they guide me to articles and books and stories that I would never otherwise have found. I love the blog here, but the blog is slow, less interactive, and I don’t see as many people commenting here as they do on Facebook or Twitter.

So, it’s a toss-up, I think. Where to put your time and energy. Where to put your trust. Where to meet your friends and readers. Sometimes I want to spread out, build a big wide web of resources and marketing and words from this tree to one on the other side of the world, catching everything I can. Other times I want to fold in, make a beautiful perfect little net in the corner and then see what marvelous delights come to me.

As a writer, the internet helps me. I use it in research, for promotion, for networking, for inspiration. But it also hurts me. Link-hopping, overwhelming amounts of distractions, minor frustrations. Is it a fair trade-off? What would I lose if I left it all behind?

What would you lose if you left it all behind, today? Build yourself a tiny web in the corner, and focused in on every beautiful strand until it was perfect?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.