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Yes, I want these bunny ears. Me thinks they will be my reward for finishing the Water Witch Novel.


For the Love of Fan Fic: Cool article at Fantasy Magazine. Made me re-think my view of fan-fic writers/writing.

Unconscious gender bias and writing: Interesting look at a pertinent topic. Makes me wonder about all of those “male” and “gender-neutral” authors (who were actually women) and how much they were able to achieve.

An Introvert’s Revenge: I don’t know about revenge, but I do know that I’m one of those “Oh, no. I can’t believe you’re an introvert” people they speak of. Me. Introvert. Yes, you read it here first. Second. Whatever.

Future Shock and Religious Tolerance: Don’t you love when you read something, have a visceral, negative gut reaction to it, then read more and think, “Oh. Wow. I hadn’t about it like that.” I do.

Big _____ and Hitchhiking: If you said “Big Thumbs” you were wrong. It’s breasts. And there’s even some maths to prove it. As if it wasn’t obvious enough already.

Can I Take a Lover in My 50s? Or any age, really. That seems to be the question (Yoinked from Landon. Ty!)

Susie Bright Takes on Craiglist’s Choice to Remove their Adult Stuffs: I spent a whole day on Facebook with my new Craig’s List offering: I Saw You — the section for stalkers. Some of the ads have been fantastic!

There really are still water witches in the world — and that’s awesome. Even if the truth is more complicated. (Link sent by Nikki! Ty)

Remove a gene, get smarter? It would appear so. Yet, my question remains: what is the OTHER purpose of the gene from an evolutionary standpoint? One could think it has something to do with social behaviors/norms.

This issue of Sunday Pleasures brought to you by International Talk Like a Pirate day! Argh, Matey!



Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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