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Yes, Yes, Yes: How to Submit Your Writing & Get It Published

You’ve done your time — spent years learning how to craft quality stories, essays, articles, memoirs or poems. But you’re getting rejections instead of acceptances. The big secret? The problem isn’t with your writing. It’s with your submission process.

This five-week class will show you how to find markets that suit your voice and style, write cover letters that sing and bios that growl, and properly format your pieces and get them sent off to prospective publishers. During the class, you’ll choose markets, write cover letters and submit your pieces — all with my guidance and encouragement.

When: Thursdays, Oct. 14-Nov. 11, 7-9 p.m.
Where: NE Portland, in the Hollywood District
How Much: $125
Who: Shanna Germain, an-award winning writer, editor and teacher who’s published hundreds of stories, articles, poems and essays in anthologies, magazines, newspapers and websites.

PS — Kitty and typewriter image by this awesome artist.