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I don’t really have any truly bad exes (although I have some young, dumb, stupid ones), but I still found this funny. Actually. Hm, come to think of it, I was probably the bad ex. Damn.


I want it now. But I want to write it yesterday. Past vs. present tense.

Can someone take me to see the cave crystal? I really really want to go!

Turning ideas into plots. Yes, I have noveling on the brain. Surely you’re not surprised.

Tradin u in. I wouldn’t even CRY ON Q if I got Bittersweets for my birthday, because there is NO FIX 4 DUM.

Yes, do just that if you’re in Portland! I’ll be reading there in October. I actually have three, maybe four. No, wait, five readings in October. Holy shit. Eeks. More details to come!



Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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