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This is just a wee reminder post that I have a ton of activities going on in October,  at least one of which I would love to see you at. I have literary and erotic readings on the docket, as well as two really awesome classes.

Here’s the list of readings. Monday’s includes a really fun secret-sharing activity (voluntary and anonymous, natch) and then I’ll be dressing up for the Fairy Tale one at She Bop. You can dress up too, and possibly win prizes!

Here are the two classes I’m teaching in October as well. If you’ve ever wanted to get published, but have had a tough go at it, then the Marketing Class is definitely for you. It’s super cheap for the amount of information you’re going to get, and it’s a deliberately small class so you’ll get lots of personal attention and assistance. And if you’re interested in writing about sex — either as essays, erotica, or literary fiction — then consider my erotica workshop at the Attic.

I’d love to see you there! Now that the novel’s done and off to the publisher, I am getting really excited about returning to the Portland Writing Scene in the form of readings and classes. Come and join me!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.