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This week’s Sunday Pleasures brought to you by Wordstock Festival (go! go!), A Myriad of Classes (erotica and publishing!) and a Gaggle of Readings.


Sympathy for the Anti-Porn Feminists: A thoughtful look at feminism, porn and the possibility of understanding each other, even when we don’t agree.

Go Inside American Brothels: Pictures and thoughts from “Nevada Rose.”

Strong Ties, Weak Ties: Can Social Media Make Social Change?

One date before death: Nothing snarky to say about this. Just read it. (Link thanks to L)

There are no right or wrong answers. Just awesome musings.

The Government Burning Books? Who who have imagined? Oh. Everyone.

Your “Last Event”: Sex survey. Most surprising? Women in long-term relationships report a harder time getting aroused. Interesting.

The Novel Is Dead: So is Everything Else that Scares Us. Just do it.

Matthew Olzmann’s poems break my heart and rake my breath.

James Bernard Frost on love and faith.

Bearded Lady: a piece on facial hair by Allison Landa


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.



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