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NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow. It’s not too late to say yes.


Portland, twice-baked, twice-loved: An essay that brings me home.

The robots of the future won’t have fingers. They’ll have… beanbag hands. Truly.

10 LGBT Novels that Tackle Teen Suicide & Bullying.

How much is too much? The Great Girl Gross-Out.

Yes, there is a secret formula for writing great things. It’s just different for everyone.

The psychology of anonymity: To Gaming and Beyond.

Oh, delight: Funny man G. Xavier Robillard reviews the Real Touch in video. I laughed.

The Dangerous Delusion of the Dream Job: Since I have what I consider to be my ‘dream job,’ I thought this was an especially interesting take.

The essay that’s causing so much uproar (and for good reasons, in my opinion): Is it unsettling to watch fat people kiss? (there are a lot of comments and reactions to this already, but my two cents: There are people who find it unsettling to watch [insert your choice here: two men/two women/two races/two ages/] kiss. Does that mean it’s wrong and should be hidden, or does that mean you’ve bought into a stereotype about what is ‘acceptable’ and ‘sexy’ and that you should do some deep thinking about yourself?).

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.



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