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The real, underfoot and in the lens. Gorgeous.


Writing advice from Susie Bright. Damn, she’s so good.

Ebooks might be the new hardback. Cool. And concerning too.


The penis is like a telephone from god. Well, in that case, I shall never have sex again. Well, not with penis-wielders anyway. (Also, the logo is the best ever. I r in lovez. For realz, yo.).


The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam

Why Steampunk is Important (both these links snarked from Jay Lake, me thinks).

Neil Gaiman reviews Stephen King’s new novellas. What I wouldn’t give to be in the same room with the two of them. Meaning the writers, not the novellas.

Letter to a Whiny Young Democrat. That is all. Love, me too

More real. So beautiful.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.



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