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Yes, I know you were hoping for Steampunk photos after the Steamcon event. Well, let me assure you: this IS a steampunk photo. It’s of Twisted Monk, a BDSM performer and rope-maker who put on THE sexiest burlesque performance I have ever seen. Jack the Ripper meets steampunk meets attitude. It was tre yummy. I don’t have a rope partner at the moment, or I would totally buy some of his pretty, colorful stash o’ goodies. Anyone know how to tie a fantastic set of knots?


Steampunkery. Seattle. Snow. Success. Shanna. It’s been a Capital S kind of week. I like that.

To whit:

  • I attended Steamcon II in Seattle. Dressed up. Learned a lot. Got inspired. Did good things. ‘Twas awesomesauce.
  • I signed a contract with Cleis Press to edit a super-sexy, smart, yummy collection. More details (and a call for submissions) to come soon. For now, I am happy dancing like a dervish.
  • Got my fantasy class ready to rock and roll for winter semester at Annie Bloom’s. Details to come. Also, don’t forget all you steampunk lovers: I’m teaching not one, but two steampunk classes for the winter semester. Get your goggle fix now!
  • The NaNoWriMo novel is still plugging along. I’m at 37,000++ words, which is pretty good. About one week left in which to write 13,000 words. That’s just under 2,000 a day. Not bad at all.
  • Much of my freelance work is off my plate for this month. This makes me thankful because it was a big, big haul and most of them are finished. Woot and double woot.

The one thing I haven’t kept up on is my blog. Eeks. Shameful head shake. But you know I love you all. You’re what supports and uplifts me when I’m stuck behind the scenes, fingers wearing the letters off my keys.

Goggles and Googles. That’s been me this week! Hope your weeks have also been full of fun and delish.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.