It’s one day before the end of November, and as of this morning, I hit 50,000 words on What the Moon Saw, the book I’ve been writing for National Novel Writing Month. I want to work on the ending some more tomorrow, so the final word count will probably hit right around 53,000 words. Far less than my desired goal of 60,000, but still I’m happy with it, plus it’s so very very cool to me to know that all of you donated more than $500 to support GLBT/Gender organizations. What a very awesome thing!

The novel is, as I may have mentioned about a million times during writing, not very good. But that’s okay. It’s a rough draft. I learned a lot about the plot, the objects, the characters, and the world during the writing, and I actually nailed the ending pretty good (I think). But the rest of it needs a lot of work, and that will come. Ideally once I’ve given myself a break from writing novels. These long meals are delish and delight, but I’m craving small bits of stories between my teeth, like snacks. Crunch and salt and swallow.

I also have my wishes to think of: aging well, earning more, improving my creative writing self. Those weigh on my mind, not heavy, but always there, like a smooth and precious stone in my pocket.

It is a time of endings for the world — falling leaves and wet earth. A time of hibernation and digging in. But also, for me, a time of seeing what shall be come spring, come sun, come new world and new tomorrow. The last quarter moon has just closed, a new moon begins soon. There are bare branches and cloud-shrouded stars and iced words that dangle just beyond reach.

What hangs in your sky?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.