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Yes, I shall be getting this tattoo this year. Slave to the story. I am.


Welcome (almost) to 2011. A year built of mixed bags (a two, a zed, and either two single primes or a prime eleven), a year that everyone seems to be saying, “Please, just be better than that disaster that was last year,” a year of in-between (not 2000, no 2010, not 2015, not a number that anyone loves or wants to make a big deal of). This seems appropriate to me, since for me it will be a year of digging in, getting it done, and paving my path.

My resolution for 2011? I’m going back to basics. Specifically, back to the three Rs: Rooting, Rutting and Writing. Let me ‘splain.

Rooting: I’ve spent the last two-ish years mostly bouncing around the world/country/city. Even when I returned to Portland (an unexpected leap, I might add), I lived where I found space — with two amazing friends, at writers’ retreats, on couches and spare bedrooms and futons. I haven’t felt ‘permanent’ in a long time. Now, that was all my own choice, and I know where it came from — nearly 12 years of living in Portland, nearly six years in the same house, nearly six years in the same job. Five years has traditionally been my limit on most relationships, places, jobs and interests, and I was well beyond that timetable in all things. The pendulum swings, as it always does, and I found myself bouncing about with nothing more than a carry-on bag, a laptop and some Lyme Disease to lug around. It was great while it lasted and growth-inducing, but I’m ready for a year of putting down roots again. I can feel the desire to go-go-go just around the corner (2012, when I turn 40, seems like a good time), but this year, I’d like to settle into where I am now, to feel like I have a home again for a set period of time. I want to settle in, keep my feet on the ground, put my head down and do the good work of living, loving, learning and lusting.

Rutting: Probably the most interesting resolution on the list, but the one I’ll probably talk the least about. Suffice to say that for an erotica writer, my sex life has been, for much of my life, surprisingly quiet. I’ve worked hard to change that as of late, and I plan to continue to do so through 2011. Last year, I taught an erotica class at the Oregon Coast, and had this most amazing older (fifty-something) woman in my class. She had so much life experience, and talked freely about her marriages, her open relationships and her sexuality. Her writing did the same. She was incredibly inspiring to me, and on the last day, we got to talking, and that’s when she said the most amazing thing to me. She said along the lines of, “My husband was the love and lust of my life. We met when I was almost fifty and had thirty years together before he died five years ago.” Yes, this vibrant, sexual, amazing woman in my class was 80+ years old. (She said she didn’t tell people because they always treated her differently when they knew). I truly believe that the reason she still looked like she was in her fifties was because she spent 30 years having fantastic sex with someone that respected her and pleased her. With that belief, and a renewed focus on finding my own pleasure, I figure I can look like I’m forty for a long, long time!

Writing: Self-explanatory, I’m sure. But really this resolution should say “Booking” but it doesn’t fit into my three R scheme. Books: I have some. More on this later as I lay out my writer-specific resolutions and goals in another post. I have one book on the docket to edit, four in the works to write, and a bunch of short stories, as well as the usual freelance stuff.

So, that’s it. My Back to Basics, Three Rs Resolution for 2011. What are your hopes, dreams and plans?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.