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In looking at my stats for 2010, I am surprised by a number of things. One: I sent out far more submissions that I thought I did. Two: I had a lot more rejections and a lot fewer acceptances than I thought I did. In fact, this is perhaps the worst year ever for my acceptance/rejection ratio. I’d like to think that perhaps it had something to do with stretching myself both within the erotica genre and within other, new genres (for example, most of my rejections this year were horror markets and poetry). But I also think that it was a year when short pieces weren’t necessarily my focus — I was really geared toward settling out my life and writing novels. Hardly an excuse for bad behavior, I’m sure, but then, who ever needed an excuse for bad behavior?

TALLY HO for 2010

70 Submissions

  • 32 Erotic
  • 6 Sci-Fi
  • 9 Horror
  • 18 Poems
  • 5 Lit Fic, Essays, Other


  • 16 Acceptances
  • 22 Out
  • 32 Rejections


  • 2 Novel Draft Completed
  • 1 Novel Accepted for Publication
  • 2 Awards Nominated for
  • 1 Anthology Editing Contract Signed

So, not so bad overall, considering. But here’s to hoping for a slightly higher percentage of yesses to nos this coming year. And hopefully to another novel or two on its way to the shelves!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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