Oh mama, I want this so bad… You don’t even know how bad.


Battle Hymn of the Sexually-Sane Mother, Susie Bright

Nerdgasm: Pole dancing and cons. Delight.

The Definitions Project: Writers, check it.

Moore’s Law & Writing, James Bernard Frost

I can’t help it. I find talented guys who are funny and in-tune to be a weakness.


Don’t Steal My Books, Lillith Saintcrow Rants about E-book Piracy

Cat Rambo on Freelancing and Idea Pitching

Cucumber Gravy, fiction by Susan Palwick

The Story is What Matters, Kathleen Bradean

Two Spaces After a Period


*giggle* *snort* *die laughing* Crouch Is Me.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.



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