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In my mailbox today, I found a total treat — a thick, beautiful little book. Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex (edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel), which includes my story, “Genesis.”

And, along those lines: Hello, video! So, this video-ing thing is an entirely new experience for me. Thus, the “Genesis” bit is particularly pertinent. I consider myself to be a fairly proficient techo-geek, but I had a lot to learn here. How to use the camera, for one. How to get the video from the camera to the computer, for two. How to edit said film (you’ll notice that I hardly did any of that — eeks!). How to convert it into something usable for YouTube or for WordPress (it’s totally tiny and still, it took me more than an hour to upload the sucker. How does that work? Eeks — any video geeks out there who can help?). Overall, a whole new language, a whole new country. But, tada. Here ’tis. My first attempt at recording myself reading my own work.

This is, as you may have guessed, a reading from the opener of my story, “Genesis.” Would love to hear what you think — how’s the quality? The sound? Would you want to see something like this more often, or would you rather just read the work on your own? I’m open to any and all suggestions!

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the listen/view. Extra points for a. identifying the art stuffs on the wall behind me and b. pretending you don’t notice the husky who insisted on lying at my feet the whole time and makes an appearance by rolling on her back half-way through 🙂

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.