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Have you read Kristina Lloyd’s, “Stories of Debasing Ravishment”, her hot as hell cut-up poem based on her site’s search terms? How about Madelinne Moore’s awesome remakes of her husband’s originals? If not, you really should. It brings to mind a lot of the nature of poetry and of writing itself. How could we write if not inspired by others? How could we build our own words and world if not by using the things we read? Nothing we do is original, and yet everything we create is wholly our own.

Poetry, perhaps more than most written art forms, is truly word play, the chance to fuck around and fuck up, the opportunity to see words in a whole new light. Following the example of the two women above, I’ve decided to try my own hand at cut-up poetry. I’m using some of my search terms as well (although I have to say, they’re nowhere near as sexy as Kristina’s. Damn.).

So, want to try your hand at it? Here are a couple of screen shots of the searches from this week (not all of them — that would have required six screen shots or something ridiculous). Click to see the words, then write your own cut-up poem. I’ll paste them here, and draw a winner out of the hat. You’ll get a signed copy of either Gotta Have It or Best Gay Romance 2011, along with some other treat of my choosing!

And, here’s my own cut-up attempt.


Cowgirl Country

Mormon girls bound by lust
tell me a story, this open book
do not disturb red-haired girls in bondage
“honey if it ain’t your tail don’t wag it.”
a sweet reminder: finger friggin my first reader
tasting her stories, pretty eyes
my I’m a bitch panties
sexy teacher in a slut necklace
lipstick on my dipstick
handcuffed cougar
cyanide and happiness grab my ass
bondage wall
robots of dawn
writing is hard
dreams of waiting tables
letters to my stalker
“we’ll sell your house, or give you free blowjobs for a month”
“How did she taste?”
amazon women warriors
perfect bound
fuck fear


PS — Image from this artist.