A few days back, I put out a call for list poems based on search terms (you can see the original post and the inspirations here), and asked readers to send theirs in.

Here’s what Erobintica (aka Robin Elizabeth Sampson) had to say about the experience, followed by her awesome poem (I don’t have the formatting quite right — WordPress gives me trouble with poem formats).

This was fun!  Since my turn at the Blow Hard Tour the other year is the one post that gets the most hits on it’s own, I figured I’d work with that. Seems like everybody is looking for cock sucking lessons! Hahahaha. So, I ignored the odd results like “how tight is elf butt,” “maris appentans,” and “vaginasexonly” (how boring!) and stuck with the major theme of my search words. So, here it is.

stories eat me
dick     cock           penis
sucking      feasting     swallowing
for beginners
done right
how to
take me
how I learned
where to go
cock sucking lessons
penis sucking lessons
dick sucking lessons
take me to Disneyland I’ll suck your cock
eat me out   erotic   feasting stories
eat, eat, eat, eat
blow, eat, suck, swallow, give   euphemism
sword swallowers, him
in the barracks
everyone sucking cock