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Right. So it’s time for a new project. Because I need more new projects. Inspired by three things: 1. The contributor’s copy of Hint Fiction that’s sitting on my desk 2. The A to Z project at Daily Science Fiction by Tim Pratt and others. and 3. The … uh, I think I forgot what the third thing is. Oh, no, wait, I remember. Someone who told me that they thought it was incredibly brave of me to post first drafts of things like novels. Which I’m not sure I agree with, but I will admit that I love reading the raw works of other writers. It’s a glimpse into their mind, their writing process, their creative process and so much more.

So, there are 26 days left in March. I propose a letter-a-day writing a la The A to Z project in the link above.

Here are the rules as I’m going to play it (and of course, I’d love it if you’d play along with me):

  • The title of each day’s piece will be [Letter] is for [Word that Begins with Said Letter]
  • I will write the pieces in alphabetical order, starting today with A and ending on March 31st with Z.
  • I am going to aim for quick fiction, which is less than 500 words (and possibly/probably much shorter)
  • I am going to aim to give each piece a beginning, middle and end.
  • I have no more than 20 minutes to write each piece, and once those 20 minutes are up, I cannot go back and revise or edit. I must post the piece as it is.

This is a little like the poem-a-day stuff (which I believe is in April, and thus is coming soon), so it will be good practice for that. But I’m also hoping it will keep the creative juices flow-flow-flowing. It’s also a good way to do character or plot sketches, try out voices and povs, or play around with setting and place.

The whole point is not to make perfection, or even a ‘real story’. It’s just to write. To make quick fiction, not only in the length of the finished piece, but also quick in the process of making. Or, as my writing saying of the day urges: “There is no mistake. There is only make.”

If you want to play along, feel free to leave either your written piece or the link back to your blog/website in the comments!

And away we go. Quick fiction, A to Z.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.