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G is for Gag

It starts with a length of rope. Red. Not pink-red or bright fire engine, but somewhere in the hue of blood. Of tongues. Of rouged lips. Of perfectly pained toenails. Make sure it’s soft rope, carefully twined around itself. You need four lengths, each as long as her body. Measure this carefully, ideally while she’s naked, stretched out long upon her bed. One end begins at the top of her head. Have her hold it there, carefully. The other you run down the front of her, over her mouth, between her breasts, across the belly button with that shiny blue stone, between her thighs, down to the end of her feet. She has tiny feet, small and soft and ticklish. You want to run your fingers across the arches, to hear her laugh softly, then harder, then uncontrollably, until she’s saying, ‘stop, stop!’.

But you wait. That’ll come later. Once she’s bound. Once she can no longer make words.

She watches you, blue eyes and red-lipped mouth. There’s a hint of a smile. She knows what comes next. You’ve been practicing all week, as you watch movies together. Tie and untie, wrap and unwrap. A million times until you can do it by heart, a million times until she started begging you to let her try it. But no, it had to be perfect. So you made her wait. But no longer.

When you have the proper length, begin to wrap it around itself, like a snake and its own tail. Pull it tight. Make her watch. When she tries to close her eyes, say ‘no.’

The gag is small — she has a small mouth — but it will fit perfectly. You’ve measured, again and again, teasing the rope against her tongue.

Now you tie the last knot and you hold it to her lips, red rope to red lips to red tongue, and you say, ‘open.’ And without saying anything at all, she says, ‘yes.’


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