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{Writing time: 6 minutes}

U is for Umbrella

She bought it in Germany, where she didn’t know the language. It was big and brown and covered her all the way across the shoulders while she walked along the fountains, between the fruit vendors and the high-end stores, between the bike racks and the tourists with their cameras.

It was always raining in Germany. It was springtime and the flowers along the river wanted to bloom, but mostly they were drowning. Her husband spend his days working in their rented flat, always over his laptop. She was pretty sure at least part of that work including continuing on his affair with his co-worker back in the States.

The umbrella said something in German, black and blue letters that twirled across its wide fabric. Probably something about the weather. She kept meaning to look it up, but she never got around to it. She eventually decided it said something about stupid tourists who couldn’t go out in the rain.

When it was time to go home, she left everything she could behind. She was surprised to find that although she could easily leave the umbrella, folded up and leaning against the wall in the coat room, she could not leave herself.


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Image from this artist.