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{Writing Time: 11 minutes}

Y is for Yes

What will your daddy say? That’s what Selina asks. She could of asked anything, and she goes right to the daddy first.  This is one thing Annakia likes about Selina — she’s always got a bead on what Annakia’s thinking, on what her main issue is.

Annakia says this now, in the voice of their guidance counselor slash therapist slash wrinkled middle-aged woman with the horse-face mustache that the girls see twice a week during phys ed. Would you like to discuss what your main issue is this week, honey?

Selina snorts through her teeth and nose all at once, covers her mouth to hide the sound. But she picks it right back up without missing a beat. My main issue this week, Missus Marianna, is that I ant to know what my friend’s daddy is gonna say when she tells him she went and got a tattoo without asking him first.

Who the hell says I’m gonna’ tell him? Annakia’s face wrinkles up, mostly her nose, but also that place between her eyebrows that her father says makes her look like she’s horny. But he means with horns, not the other kind.

Not like he’s not gonna notice.

True. The tattoo’s on her face, across her dented cheekbone. She’d thought about getting BROKEN but at the last second she got YES instead.

Selina chews the bottom of her lip, sucking on the chapstick she always wears. What’s he gonna do to you, Akia?

I dunno. Annakia does her best not to pick at the places where she’s been written on, the places where her skin is raw and black and blue and red. The places where the skin wants to get inflamed. She picks at her lips instead, chapstickless, dry and cracked like desert. She doesn’t feel the etch of the tattoo at all.



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