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The cover of Best Erotic Romance, edited by Kristina Wright. Yum. That is all.


Writing, mostly. Have deadlines up the wazoo and goals out the other wazoo, so I’m really focusing on getting new words on the page. But wanted to share some news and ramblings for this week:

  • The cover above. Pretty, right? Pretty hot, right? Yeah, you see where I’m going here… I think it’s called a happy dance.
  • A section from my memoir, “Sins of the Daughter,” is online at Freerange Nonfiction this week. So very honored.
  • My spec fic story, “Ghost Horses and Dream Dogs,” has been accepted for inclusion in Triangulation: Last Contact. They do beautiful work.
  • I’ll be reading tomorrow night (and, I believe, being drawn (but not quartered) while reading? but don’t quote me on that part…) at Aetherscope, as part of the pre-celebration for PDXGearCon

I think that’s all my news for now. Read more, write more, happy-happy-joy-joy as much as possible.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.