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An except of my story, “Ghost Horses and Dream Dogs,” (scheduled to appear in Triangulation: Last Contact) is up today at editor Steve Ramey’s website. I am so super stoked, and really really delighted to have worked through the story with Steve, who is an amazing, thoughtful editor and who made my story a hundred times better. I’m very much looking forward to the whole book — you can see the table of contents here.

Years back, Parsec Ink (the publisher of Triangulation) was one of the first publishers to accept one of my spec-fic stories — a paramedic-of-the-future piece about auto-asphyxiation, human rights and desire. It was one of those stories that I loved, but wasn’t sure would ever find a home because of the touchy subject matter. But, delightfully, they said yes and it was one of those first moments where I realized I could write about what interested me — even if it was controversial and possibly squick-inducing — and it would still find a home.

So, I’m now doubly grateful to Parsec. And I’m excited to have an entirely different kind of story in this collection — this one is sweet, haunting and it made me cry when I was proofing it. Hopefully, you’ll like it as well!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.