Whoa. I lost an entire week somewhere. Okay, I actually know where it went — three last-minute article assignments, some PR work, a need to re-organize the house into a home office (long story), the first week of a new teaching semester and a new searchable bibliography (not quite done yet) for moi. (Linky be here, for those interested in the progress!)

Now, onward to all of the stuff that I did NOT get finished this week… Only two weeks left in this month (we won’t talk about the fact that in that I have more classes to teach, an steampunk event to present at, friends coming into town and on and on and on. Eeks!).


Illum Draft: 30,000 New Words

Moon Rewrite: 30,000 Rewritten Words

Write 2, Send 2: Write/Edit/Revise and Send 2 Stories Out Per Week

Memoir Draft

Work My Mind: 120 Hours

Work My Body: 25 Hours


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.