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Yesterday, while cleaning house and organizing closets, I went to move a bin. Turns out, said bin weighed about a hundred pounds. Inside said bin? Books. Books that included my stories. They’re in a bin because that’s how I stored them when I was traveling without a home and also because I don’t read my own work after it’s published (it makes my stomach feel oogy to do so) so there doesn’t seem to be any sense in putting them on a shelf (other than, of course, ego, but in truth seeing all those books almost makes me feel like I might never write anything good enough to be published ever again. Is that a writer thing or just a me thing?)

Either way, I decided it was time to finally, finally, finally do the thing I’d been wanting to do forever: Make an actual bibliography of the books I’ve been published in. I started typing things in, and then the electronically inclined boy of the house heaved a giant sigh of despair at my slowness and took over for me. Fast fingers, that one. He had it done in less than two hours, and I bought him dinner to say thank you.

Now, I have a semi-complete bibliography. I am missing more than a handful of publications still, including most of the ebooks, all of the magazines and websites, and probably some others that I haven’t yet thought of. But it’s a decent start. Next up: Figuring out how to beg WordPress to let me embed the thing into a website page. Never-ending, this promotion and organization process, I swear.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the list. It’s searchable, sortable, etc. If you’re a new or not-at-all new writer, I highly recommend Zoho as a way to stay organized. It’s free and quite easy to set up, even for technophobes. I use it for my submission tracker as well.

What are you doing that’s writing oriented, but not actual writing? Just so I don’t feel like I’m the only one procrastinating organizing.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.