Busted. Seriously, July, what happened to you? I had such high hopes. -snortsnickerwhinewhimper-

Okay, I’m done now. Mostly.

Clearly I didn’t hit my July goals (see below for a reminder of the crazy-ass goals I set for myself this month). This is the trouble with life–it’s ever-changing. I had a bunch of new and unexpected work roll in from various clients (see 180 hours of working my mind — ack!), along with GearCon, an unplanned-for class, two invites to anthologies with quick deadlines and a ton of other stuff. No excuses, of course. This is (as I’ve learned) the writer’s life. You do the most/best you can within the parameters of your time and brain energy and then you get up the next day/week/month/year and you attempt to do it all over again. If we aim impossibly high (as writers, as partners, as people…), we will at least land on someone’s roof. And then we can hang out up there with bottles of beer and the constellations overhead.

The other thing is: I set crazy goals. Aries. Type A. We Can Do It All! That’s me. Except, of course, I really can’t do it all. At least not until I get an evil robot twin who will take on her share of the work. Until then, there’s just me and the husky (who mostly eats things and then looks at me like, “What? I thought that was my job…”).

I’m going to set goals for August. They’re going to be less… daunting. More doable. Perhaps. I do believe I’m going to steal Cherie Priest’s idea of “unlocking an achievement” every time I hit my goal. It’s probably something I’ll be posting on Google+, since that seems more conducive to quick-hit posts (If you don’t follow me yet there, you can find me at gplus.to/ShannaGermain — please do stop by and say hello), but I’ll post the long-term goals and the weekly check-ins here.

I’m always interested in how other writers/creative types set and achieve their goals. Do you keep track of word count? Hours? Whether the cat has drilled holes in your legs by kneading? Something else entirely? Do tell.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


Illum Draft: 30,000 New Words

Moon Rewrite: 30,000 Rewritten Words

Write 2, Send 2: Write/Edit/Revise and Send 2 Stories Out Per Week

Memoir Draft

Work My Mind: 120 Hours

Work My Body: 25 Hours