Goals in General:  I talked a little bit in the last post about completely flubbing my goals for July even while being incredibly productive in ways that feel healthy and positive to me. Over that process, I learned two important things about goal setting (for me):

1. My schedule may not allow for long-term specific goals in a traditional sense. By which I mean: I don’t want to have myself so hamstrung with goals that when I am offered something new and career-boosting, I don’t say yes. I want to always be open to new things, to taking on new opportunities. This month brought a lot of open doors and I was always hesitant to walk through them because I could see my ‘set in stone’ goals glaring at me.

2. Also, it seems to me that one of my flaws is my focus on the end result of a goal. Now, granted, every goal-setting book you’ve ever read probably tells you to set achievable, calculable goals. And I think that’s true. Yet, there are different ways of both achieving and calculating. Here’s an example: Last month, I set a word count for my novel. It was probably a doable word count, but as I was writing, I realized that I needed to do a lot of work on the back end (character, plot, world-building) before I  could sit down and write. So I did some of the back end work, but then found myself getting grumpy about it. If my goal was to write words, and I was building maps of the world instead, how did I quantify that in my goals? So then I got more and more grumpy and feeling like I was losing ground because all I could see was that word count staring me in the face. In truth, it was a good goal, but not one that was appropriate for tracking to what needed to happen to my novel last month.

Setting: So, having learned all of that, this month I’m going to try something different. My goal will be daily time, with an achievement unlocked at the end of each day (stolen blatantly from Cherie Priest). The experiment will be to see if a. a time-focused goal produces more actual work than a result-focused goal and b. if putting a daily goal together will allow me the flexibility that I need to meet my ever-changing list of demands.

So the plan is: I will have long-term monthly goals. These will be spelled out below (and commented on weekly here on the blog). I will also set daily goals (which will appear in my Google+ stream — gplus.to/ShannaGermain — along with the achievement I get if I meet said goals). My hope is that by keeping the long-term goals in mind, I can make daily goals that lead me to where I need to be, without being so caught up on those big numbers hanging over me.

As always, I encourage you to play along, no matter how you set goals or what those goals may be. Writing in vacuum is hard. Setting and achieving goals in a vacuum is SO much harder…

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.


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