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So… I’m in a very cool book. It’s called Triangulation: Last Contact and it’s super chock full of awesomesauce spec-fic stories and authors all around the theme of ‘last contact.’ The full table of contents is here, and it shows just how ridiculously excellent the list of authors is. It even has a story by little old me called, “Ghost Horses and Dream Dogs.” (I recently joked with another author friend that this is one of my only stories without sex or death, but it will still probably make you cry…)

Now, you could, of course, buy the book. Because, you know, it’s totally worth it and you’d love it so much that you’d carry it around with you and sleep with it… and okay, now I’m probably getting a little carried away…

Still, it’s an awesome collection. And the best part? I bought two contributor copies and had editor Stephen Ramey sign them for me. Which means that I have two, yes, count them, two collections to autograph as well and to give away. Free. Right into your hot little hands. I will sign them however you like.

But, wait, there’s more! If you order now, you also get… (just kidding).

How do you win a double-signed copy for your very own? It’s easy. You create something inspired by one of the story excerpts on Stephen Ramey’s blog. Read them, find one you like (mine’s here, if you’re having trouble choosing) and then create something. A photo. A collage. A poem. A sketch. A mish-mash. A video. Body art. A costume. A hat. A shirt. A sticker. I don’t care what creative outlet you choose. Just make it awesome!

When it’s done, send it to me as an image, a video or a document (along with a name to call you by and a link to your site if you have one) to shanna (dot) germain (at) gmail (dot) com before September 1st (that gives you two weeks, so get cracking!). You can be any age (the anthology has some adult themes as most do, but nothing explicit) and you can riff off of any story. I’ll post the creative bits here, and then we’ll choose two winners the first week of September!

Feel free to spread the word — the more entries, the merrier!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.