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Okay, the next book in the ebook pipeline is this pretty, pretty little beast (above). Here’s the game we’re playing: If you buy a copy of “Beneath Sea and Sky” (just $1.99 at Smashwords in various formats) and you find a typo in it (any typo at all!), then I’ll send you a coupon code for a free copy of “How To Spank Me,” a collection of six stories of spanking and submission. (I’m doing this because I’m trying to catch any typos in the books before they land on Amazon Kindle, since those are harder to fix later on and because I like to have excuses to give things away for free!).

For the record, I’m known for making typos that add a whole new meaning to things. I once wrote about a “pasty chef” instead of a “pastry chef.” I sent an email to a colleague not long ago that said, “let me give you the rubdown” instead of “rundown.” So who knows what you’ll find buried in these stories? (I should add that I tend to “break language” a lot in the voices of my characters, so I’m really looking for actual typos, not places where I’ve purposely used the language incorrectly).

Also, if you don’t happen to like submission and spanking stories, I have a collection of lesbian stories and a collection of “seriously sexy” stories coming out soon too. You could certainly choose one of those instead.

Happy treasure hunting!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.