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I am spending this morning working on a new novella. Which requires a great deal of very hard research. This is because the main character’s love interest is a man with a puppy. A sexy man with a puppy. Thus, I had to spend at least thirty minutes googling “sexy man with puppy” and looking at pictures like this:

And this:

And OMG, this:

See what I mean? Such an awful job I have. So awful I couldn’t seem to get anything done. Because then I had to find pictures that illustrated my main character. Which meant googling “Sexy Cowgirl” and finding things like this:

(this image courtesy of this artist, since I know who to credit for this one)

And this:

Now, can you see why I’m complaining? No? Okay, I guess I can kind of see your point. But this is where it really sucks: Now I have to stop googling sexy pictures of sexy people and start putting words on the page. And lucky you, you can just sit here and stare  at the goody packages that my terribly difficult research has turned up…

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.