It’s September. Somehow. Already. I … have no idea how that happened. At all.

August goals were interesting. Both a success and a failure. I set daily goals via Google+ (mostly hours to be worked, to-dos to be checked off, etc), and then I checked in at the end of the day to see if I got my planned achievement or not. The range of things that motivated me last month included: food (chips, pizza, an extra mocha), TV watching (Misfits, The Booth at the End, Eureka, The Guild), game playing (Fallout, Left for Dead 2), do-nothing time, and creative-writing time. Sometimes the rewards worked, other times they weren’t enough to motivate me through my goals for the day.

I DID get a lot of unexpected things finished, as well as some things that had been on the back burner for a long, long time (ebooks, website revamp, etc). However, I didn’t get as much work done on the novels as I had hoped/expected. So, the daily goals plan works in some aspects and completely flubs in others.

Which brings me back to how it’s the first of September, and I have some more goals to set. This month, I’m putting my goal focus on creative work. I have a lot of freelance work on my plate at the moment, and that always always gets done (deadlines. paycheck. etc.). It’s just the creative that gets swept to the side.

That all coincides with the new website look and organization, by the way. (You may have noticed just a few small changes around here. Maybe). The website looks different, but it will also have a slightly different focus. I’ll be sharing more of the writing experience, the how-tos, the works-in-progress, and the ups and downs of being a writer. (If you’re more interested in reading my snarky, funny, ridiculous and sexy takes on other parts of my life, I invite you to follow me at Google+).

So: Wishes. Wants. Writing. Words. Wonder. Wander.

More of all of that to come soon.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.