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Just got the official Table of Contents from Rachel Kramer Bussel’s upcoming oral sex collection, “Going Down.” It looks like it’s going to be an amazing book, and I can’t wait to read the stories.

My piece, “Sucking Carmen’s Cock,” is a delicious tale of a lesbian lust, transgender desire and, of course, a wee bit of oral pleasure. Here’s the rest of the TOC–I love the titles already!

Going Down

  • Pretty Dull Charlotte Stein
  • Milk Moustache Jacqueline Applebee
  • Lavender Cynthia Hamilton
  • Etiquette Sylvia Lowry
  • Stacked Logan Zachary
  • Sucking Casey’s Cock Shanna Germain
  • Getting Something Out of It Annabeth Leong
  • Bubble Dance Jeremy Edwards
  • Seriously Jeanette Grey
  • Shuck It Dusty Horn
  • Dover to Victoria Station Roxy Rogers
  • Blush Mary Borsellino
  • Clean/Dirty Lucy Felthouse
  • Trimming Tenille Brown
  • Your Body is a Temple Neil Gavriel
  • New Additions Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • Do You Speak French? Chrissie Bentley
  • Close Your Eyes Viktoria Michaelis
  • Snowjob A.M. Hartnett
  • The Perfect Shade Elizabeth Coldwell
  • The Thousand-and-One Ways Graydancer

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.