So, I’ve been doing these things called write-ins. They’re basically events where you get together with other writers and you talk for 15 minutes and then write (nothing else!) for 45. Then you do it all over again. We usually go for two hours, but sometimes get as many as three or four hours in. Sometimes we do it in person, and sometimes we use G+ Hangouts.

What I’ve found is that even two hours of this (a writing total of 1.5 hours, actually) is incredibly productive for me. Yesterday, I finished a short story, started a new one and worked on my novella. This morning, I nailed another 2,000 words on yesterday’s story and another 1500 words on my novella.

The problem I’m having is that the write-ins are sporadic (writers have day jobs, children, dogs, lives, etc. etc.) and that means when I do write-ins, they’re incredibly productive, but that I don’t do write-ins on a regular basis, thus my productivity overall has not increased. I find that if I do them by myself (“I’m going to go and write for two hours”), I’m not as productive, because I find myself wandering.

Which is all a very long-winded way of saying that I am going to try something new. If you’ve been following along, you know I’m a Goal Girl. I like to set goals (my daily goals are listed on G+ every morning, along with the “achievement” that I get to unlock if I achieve said goals). So, this is my new goal (and an experiment, as many of my goals are): for the rest of the September, I will do a two-hour write-in every day (I say every day, but I am really aiming for about 20 of the remaining 23 days). I will either do them locally or via G+ Hangouts. I will announce them at least a day ahead of time, so that people can join me if they like (since I clearly work better with other people looking over my shoulder).

And, of course, I will track a couple of things, because I like to do that:

  • My productivity for the month. How much can one really accomplish in just 90 minutes a day?
  • My experience with it. Does it continue to work once the novelty wears off? Will it work if I show up at a write-in and I’m the only person there?
  • The Cost/Input Ratio. In order to cover the coffee cost of doing an in-person write-in every day (at, say $5/day for the next 20-something days), I would need to write and sell two stories. Can I do this? We shall see.

So, if you’re interested, please feel free to follow the bouncing writer ball as she makes her way forward. I’d love to hear your thoughts too — what makes you productive? Has it continued to work over time or does it change? Have you tried write-ins? Lastly, if you’re on G+ and would like to do hangouts, what times and days are best for you?

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.