WRITE-IN PROGRESS, DAY 1: (What is this?)

  • Time & Place: 1.5 Hours (7-9 am, Case Study)
  • Who: Just Me
  • Cost: $5.50
  • Experience: I have a busy day today, so I wouldn’t have gotten any writing done if I hadn’t forced my butt out of bed to do a write-in today. It was tempting not to go (since I had an idea that I might be the only one there), but I’m so glad I did. I feel like I accomplished a good amount. It was a reminder that writing is like working out: Just get up and do it, and you’ll feel a million times better after.


  • Shine (erotic story): Finished (2,000 additional words), sent off to first readers
  • Safe Haven (novella): 1500 words, plus some plotting issues ironed out

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.