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How To Spank Me: BDSM Erotic Stories
is up on Smashwords! Finally! (Man, putting ebooks together is a lot of work… ). There’s a Kindle version coming soon too.

Just $1.99 for six sexy stories. I…er, the book, costs way less than a cup of coffee. And, as always, if you find a typo in it, you get the next collection free. Don’t you like how I do that? /wicked grin. (I also have three free copies left for review, if anyone would like one).

Here’s the blurby bit:

“How to Spank Me: BDSM Erotic Stories” features six of Shanna Germain’s best-loved spanking and bondage stories. Discover a bookseller who knows how to keep her boys firmly in hand, a young lady whose boyfriend won’t spank her properly, an internet tryst of passion and pleasure, and more. Whether your desire is to squirm beneath someone’s power or to hold their every pleasure in the palm of your hand, this collection will tease, tantalize and delight you.

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.