I have seen the cover of Bound by Lust and she is beautiful. I love how she’s all prim and proper right now, as though we see her poised on that moment just before dirty things begin to happen. I want to lean in and whisper into her ear, “Oh, sweetheart, you think you’re being good right now, but you haven’t even had your skirt mussed up. You’ll break those pretty little pearls by the end of it, and love every minute.”

But for right now, I’ll let her stand poised and perfect, while I go off and celebrate!

There are so, so, so many things I want to say right now about this, but this writer-girl is just speechless with delight at the moment. So I’ll just leave you with an imagine of me happy-dancing, and wishing that all of the authors (along with Alison Tyler, who did a hot-hot introduction) were here to celebrate. I would buy them all cake and champagne and some really good whiskey.


Kiss kiss bang bang, s.