Awesome steampunked image of me by Manny Cartoon Studio, for an upcoming interview in Steampunk Magazine.


Oh, November. You deliciously naughty, arrogant, blustery month. You ridiculous time of the year when people make crazed decisions in the face of January first. You month that leaves us all biting our lips and cracking our hands and making promises we cannot keep…

Or maybe that’s just me.

The promises I cannot keep are thus:

  • National Novel Writing Month. Join me if you dare. I’m shannagermain. I’ll be posting the novel here as it’s written (with a password, natch). You can have the password just for asking, as long as you agree that a. you understand it’s a first draft, and thus will likely be drivel and b. it’s not to be shared about.
  • Training for a Marathon. Namely the Eugene Marathon, which isn’t until the end of April (although I’m doing a 15-or-some-such miler in February too). I’ll be logging my miles here as well.
  • #amwriting pictures. A picture a day as part of the NaNo Event. I’m hoping other authors will join me in doing the same. It’s really fun for me to see a daily picture of my favorite writers doing what they love!

Also along the November trail: Orycon (Are you going? Look me up!); a wet and wild photo shoot, a number of deadlines, real work, creative work, friends visiting and who knows what all else. I also leave at the end of November for my first work/personal trip in quite a while, so expect a bit of a return to Chapter 37 for that. Gonna’ be a crazy one. Hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Kiss kiss bang bang, s.